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4 Signs Your Partner Only Takes Advantage Of You

When we start a relationship, we expect it to last long and we wish that we will live with our partner happily. However, it is only a fairy tale. Life gives us many obstacles and you can’t avoid them in relationships either.

Although we try hard to make a relationship work, we sometimes feel as if we are the only ones giving all our efforts into it without our partners responding to it. In this case, you are merely being taken for granted by your partner. Thus, below we list the main signs which show that your other half is only taking advantage of you and doesn’t really care about saving your relationship.

  1. They show you many reasons not to trust them. If you feel that you can’t believe what your partner tells you anymore, your relationship is already breaking. One of the foundations of building any kind of connection is trust and if this foundation is broken, there is nothing else which can save it. For example, if he flirts with other women in front of you, he takes you for granted.
  2. They avoid spending time with you. If you want to meet with them and their constant answer is a no, you should be worried. When you love someone, you will find time to spend with them. Even if you are extremely busy, you will keep on chatting or calling to each other. If your other half doesn’t put any effort into keeping in contact with you, he probably doesn’t care that much anymore and only takes advantage of you.
  3. They don’t make any input in your conversations. To have someone you love who is also a great listener is one of the biggest treasures in a relationship. Being an attentive listener is important in all relationships. If you feel that you are the only one trying to maintain a conversation, it is a clear sign that your partner is not that interested anymore. However, it may also mean that he has quite a lot of things going on in his head, thus, you should be sure of the exact reason why they are behaving this way.
  4. They are not emphatic. This is one of the most painful signs that your partner merely takes advantage of you. When you have problems, they should be the first ones to console you as your well-being should matter to them the most. When you are unhappy, they should be unhappy too and try to help you in any way they can. Thus, if your partner lacks empathy towards you, he shows his indifference which only means that he is taking you for granted.

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