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4 Things To Avoid Saying To An Anxious Person

It hurts when we are struggling with problems but it hurts even more when our loved ones are in pain and we can’t help them simply because we don’t know how. We all have felt physical and emotional pain and what we needed the most at such moments were for somebody to support and help us.

If you are anxious all the time and you suppress your feelings, it will do more damage to you in the long run. You may ask how? Well, to start with, every small detail will seem as the biggest problem to you even if it is only something not important. Also, you will take things too personally when they have nothing to do with you and you will be on a constant lookout that somebody or something will hurt you at any time.

Saying something to a person who deals with anxiety can hurt them even more even if you think it will help them. Thus, there are some things you should avoid saying to an anxious person although they may be the first things coming to your mind to tell them.

  1. Simply calm down. What you don’t realize is that calming down is not a next step to take to avoid anxiety, but the outcome of it if a person dealing with anxiety takes all the necessary measures to get rid of it. How you should help people suffering from anxiety is to offer your support and advise breathing exercises which help you when you are stressed.
  2. Life is too short to feel anxious about it. What this phrase actually does is bringing more pressure to such a person because besides their anxiety attack, now they have to worry that they are missing out on happy moments which they should be having instead.
  3. The thing you are anxious about won’t matter to you later. There are many examples when this statement proved to be true but there are also those examples which proved it wrong. For example, if a person is anxious because of tomorrow’s presentation, he probably won’t think about it in a year’s time. However, there is another side to it – if the presentation does go wrong, he may not be hired to work, which would mean no financial incomes and it for sure will matter in the future.
  4. Focus on positive things. What a lot of people fail to understand is that anxiety doesn’t always mean negativity. Anxiety may arise of past experiences which have made people feel afraid. You can’t be positive right away – you have to train your mind for a long time for it to block negative thoughts and instead focus on what’s positive.

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