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Basic Symptoms Of A Mold Illness

Although mold to some people may appear non-toxic, there are quite a lot of serious diseases which are caused particularly by mold. You are more likely to be diagnosed with having a mold illness if it can be found in your home or work. Mold is more common in areas where it rains a lot and the humidity is really high which makes it a perfect environment for mold to form.

Mold gets into your organism when you inhale it. Once it is in your body, it can cause a lot of harm to it. Thus, below we mention the main symptoms of a mold illness and in order to find out if you may be affected by it or not, you should check them out.

  1. Numbness, twitching or tingling. Does it sound familiar to you? This is that unpleasant feeling we get when our hands or legs fall asleep and we start to feel pins and needles in them. If you get it quite constantly, it is a clear symptom that you spend too much time in areas where there is a lot of mold.
  2. You feel pain in your muscles which is not related to straining. When you suddenly start to feel pain in your muscles and you are sure that it didn’t result from straining, it may be a sign that you are affected by mold. In addition, when you have a mold illness, it doesn’t matter in which part of your body your muscles hurt, may it be your legs or your arms.
  3. You are constantly in a bad mood. Studies have shown that people who live in homes where there is a lot of mold feel depressed more often. Sure, it is not surprising that you will be in a bad mood if there is no fresh air in the room. Thus, you should apply some measures in order to get rid of mold from your house.
  4. Constant headaches and bad eyesight. One of the most common symptoms of a mold illness is having red eyes and blurry vision. In addition, your eyes may itch a lot. If this symptom is accompanied by constant headaches, it may even look as an allergic reaction but what it may be really resulting from may be a mold illness.
  5. You find it hard to breathe. This is probably the most common symptom of being affected by mold. Spending too much time in areas where there is a lot of mold can cause such breathing problems as asthma, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.

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