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20 Tough Questions People Are Afraid To Ask Themselves

It is important not to get the right answers but to ask the right questions. However, there is a list of questions which all people are scared to ask themselves because they think they are doing something wrong in their lives and their answers to those questions will be negative, making them more stressed than they are right now.

Thus, below we provide this list of 20 main questions which a lot of people don’t find the courage to ask themselves although they could really help them in reaching their goals and growing up as a well-rounded individual.

  1. What makes you insecure most about your future?
  2. If it happened that today was your last day on this earth, would you do something different or would you follow your normal daily routine?
  3. If your family members or your friends talked to you in the same way as you talk to yourself in your head, would you want to spend your time with such people?
  4. Is there something or someone in your life which doesn’t belong in it anymore?
  5. If mistakes teach us something valuable, why you tend to avoid them?
  6. Are you merely existing or are you truly living?
  7. Are you really not able to reach what you want or you just haven’t given all your efforts to achieve it?
  8. What kind of impact you want to leave on this earth?
  9. Life on this earth is limited. Thus, why you spend so much of your time doing things which you don’t enjoy and enjoying things which you don’t do?
  10. In the rush of your daily life, what kind of things you miss on?
  11. What kind of things you tolerate too much that shouldn’t be tolerated?
  12. If you had a power to look into the inner life of your most hated person, would it be that much different from your own inner world?
  13. What makes you know when you should let go of someone and when you should keep them in your life for longer?
  14. If you haven’t reached your goals or dreams yet, do you have something to lose in trying to move forward towards them?
  15. How many of your friends do you honestly think would help you when you are in trouble?
  16. Why you are important?
  17. What is the main fear which you think is holding you back to achieve great things in life?
  18. Are you satisfied with yourself and not afraid of being in solitude?
  19. Taking into consideration what you do on your daily basis, where do you think you will be in 4 years?
  20. On what things do you spend most of your money?

Thus, rethinking all of these questions in your mind with possible answers can change your outlook on life and inspire you to take necessary actions in order to come closer to your goals.

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