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6 Things You Do Which Make You Unhappy

One of the main goals everyone tries to achieve is to live a happy life. We try to be as happy as we can because we know that our life on this earth is limited and that being unhappy only creates problems.

However, although we try to be happy as hard as we can, sometimes we forget that our happiness depends a lot on what we do on our daily basis. There are some habits all people have which rob us of a chance to be satisfied with our lives and we list those habits below.

  1. Being self-critical and also criticizing others. Your opinion about yourself depends a lot on what you tell other people. If you list only your negative qualities to them, you are likely to be unhappy with yourself. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, you should pay more attention to things at which you are great. The same rule can be applied when you talk about others – instead of judging them and speaking negatively, you should try to see a positive side in everyone.
  2. Constant complaining. You have to understand that complaining does nothing good either to you or to people to whom you are complaining. If you are not satisfied with something, instead of talking about it, you should take some actions. Happy and successful people never complain – that’s what makes them the way they are. If they see that something is not going to the way to which they want it to go, they immediately take actions.
  3. Addictions to smoking, toxic substances and alcohol. Everything is healthy if we take it in moderation, may it be a drink or a hamburger. However, when every day you start taking alcohol and eat junk food, you are creating problems for yourself. The healthier you are, the happier you are. Thus, you should eat more fruit and exercise daily in order to be in a good mood.
  4. Living a lifestyle which you can hardly afford. Today’s world seems to be getting more and more materialistic. If you want to be accepted by a certain group of friends, you think that acting as if you are richer than you really are will give you a ticket to their team. However, you shouldn’t boost of something which is beyond your means. Instead of seeking for materialistic pleasures, you can easily enjoy something which doesn’t involve a debt, such as a walk in a park with a cup of coffee or reading a good book with a friend.
  5. Feeling anxious about your future. There are certain things which we can’t know and one of them is what will happen in the future. It is completely out of our control zone. You should never worry about something which is out of your powers. Instead of focusing on what will happen, you should focus on what is happening right now.
  6. Having regrets. What happened – happened for a reason. You shouldn’t feel stressed about your past actions. You should accept them as lessons to be learnt. All of us do mistakes and there is something which we all regret. However, you should try to look at it from a different perspective – you were given a lesson, you learnt from it and you won’t repeat it again.

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