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Man Is Harpooned In The Face During Fishing Trip

A man came extremely close to death on Tuesday after an incredibly gory freak accident saw him harpooned in the face during a fishing trip in Brazil, the New York Post has reported.

The 27-year-old – who has been identified in local television reports as Hugo Periera da Silva – was accompanied by a friend on the fishing trip at the Rio Paranaiba dam in Araguari.

It was there that the three-foot spear punctured his face, according to Diaro de Pernambuco.

This certainly isn’t the first near-fatal fishing trip to have occurred. One fisherman came across a 30-foot shark swimming near his boat:

Authorities are currently investigating the incident, as it is illegal to use harpoons on fishing trips from November through February.

“We do not know if the friend saw any fish or if the gun fired alone, but it hit the face of this boy,” Alves told PescaAmadora.com, according to a translation of the page. “He was very lucky, as the harpoon crossed the soft part of the mouth, did not reach any bone or more sensitive part, such as the brain. It could have been fatal.”

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