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What Men Really Want But Are Afraid To Tell You

When we are in a relationship, we enjoy being loved and taken care of. Although both men and women enjoy similar things when it comes to relationships, there is one difference between them. Women can easily express their feelings as from their childhood they were taught how to create strong bonds with their family members and friends.

For them, to express emotions and to be aware of what they feel is easy because they are used to it. Women are not afraid to be vulnerable. On the other hand, men find it harder to express their feelings and tell what they really want. They don’t have those strong emotional connections with their friends. If they behave vulnerably, they believe that they will be perceived as weak. Thus, while women learn about their emotions early in life, men only get used to them later. In addition, men find it harder to realize what they really want in a relationship. They just know that when you say or do something, it makes them feel good, and thus, there are some things which men want from you but are afraid to tell you.

  1. He wants to hear compliments. Sure, women are the ones who get most of them. However, men enjoy compliments as much as women do. Sometimes they feel insecure about how they look and telling what you think about their physical appearance can boost their confidence and make them feel better about themselves. Thus, there is nothing wrong with complimenting your loved one.
  2. He wants you to ask for his opinion. Men want to feel useful and be sure that their opinion really matters to you. If you have doubts about something, you should go ask his advice. He will feel valuable and helpful that you came to him to ask for something instead of going to your friends. By asking their advice, you show them that their opinion really matters to you.
  3. He wants to know what you want. Of course, men don’t have a superpower to read minds. Therefore, expecting them to know what you think or want is silly. You should tell him what you want or don’t want in a calm manner and it will make it easier for him to make you happy.

Thus, men, in the same way as women, crave for your attention and want to be supported and desired.

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