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Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Lively By Sharing Unflattering Pics On Her Birthday

For some reason, us ordinary folk derive great enjoyment from peeking into the lives of the rich and famous. Whether we’re scrolling through their perfectly curated Instagram feeds or picking up tabloids, our voyeuristic tendencies are only exemplified when we have a perfect celebrity coupling to get invested in.

And who wouldn’t be when there’s Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively around? Apparently, it’s not enough that they’ve both won the genetic lottery, and have illustrious careers in one of the most difficult industries to break into. No, they seemingly have a picture-perfect relationship to boot.

Watch Ryan get roasted by his twin brother:

Lively recently opened up about the reasons why she and Reynolds work so well together six years and two children later, and it has to do with understanding how “bizarre” the whole Hollywood shindig is. “In general, it’s nice to have someone who understands what you’re doing,” she said on a Good Morning America interview. “Especially because our job is so weird—you have to be ‘married’ to other people, it’s all so strange. It’s never normal, even when you’re both doing it.”

Well, hats off to you – Blake and Ryan – for showing couples how to couple since 2012.

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